Byron's Beehhst Adventures

Dunegons and Dragons Style Adventures

The Gnomes of St Bogolred: Episode 1

Four brave gnomes set out to retrieve the saintly relics of thier monastary's founder, which were scandelously stolen in the night! This adventure is perfect for four or five second level characters!

The Gnomes of St Bogolred: Episode 2

Hidden mysteries and ghosts of the past still remain for our brave adventurers, who must return to Grimstan monestary to confront a terror rising from the watery depths. This adventure takes place 25 years following the events of the first episode and is intended for players of the third or fourth level!

Hurtalak's Grave

Your town, lost deep in the desert sands of Athas, has long awaited the arrival of the thri-kreen merchants, which are its life blood. When their caravan, however, does not appear at the appointed time, the players must set out to find them, and quickly too, if the town is to survive. This adventure will introduce players to the harsh and unforgiving world of Dark Sun.

Call of Cthulhu Style Adventures

Beyond the Veil of Dreams: Susupti

A talented graduate student has gone missing, a book of ancient and vedic secrets has been found, and more than one party seeks knowledge better kept hidden. This multi-stage campaign is set around the town of Arkham, Massachusetts in 1985. The campaign has a strong investigative dimension and is best played with a single group of players who are able to carefuly and thoughtfully evaluate the details presented in the progression of the story.

Promethean Style Adventures

Hope Went Two Ways

An old manor house in Vermont has become the last abode of two old Prometheans. Can the arrival of the players rekindle the fire of a common Pilgrimage? 'Hope went two ways' is an experimental dialogical adventure for a small throng of Prometheans.



Addendum for Kali Ghati

This addendum provides historical and cultural background for the Delta Green module 'Kali Ghati'.

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